Imagine you want to travel to France. Would you travel in a plane you know is untested? No right? It would be scary.

What if that plane has engine problems or some other issue that affects its functioning and causes an accident? Testing is an imperative process, not only in software development but also in many different fields.

In the dev world, while developing, maintaining, or refactoring our apps, there is a high likelihood we are adding bugs that may cause problems in production. …

One of the many reasons we love 💙 React is because it is really fast. React does tons of work under the hood to guarantee everything renders efficiently. Hence, in most cases, performance is not something we need to worry about. However, we can run into some situations where we find out that our components are rendering more than they need to, and consequently, slowing our apps down. 🐢🐢

Hi! I’m Ernesto, and in this post, I’ll talk about how to use React.memo, useCallback, and useMemo to make our React applications run like the wind. ⚡

React.memo 🧠

It is one of…

Historically, Windows has not been the favorite operative system for most developers. But with the arrival of WSL, things are changing. It allows us to run Linux and Windows at the same time. Therefore, it is possible to run Ubuntu in one window and Microsoft Excel in another. 😍

If you have not seen the post in which I talk about WSL and how to install it, you can find it here.

Now that you have WSL installed on your computer, you may be wondering how do I start using it? 🤔

Hi! I’m Ernesto, and in this post, I…

In the previous post, you learned how to install WSL, which allows you to obtain all the power of the Linux terminal inside Windows. 😎 However, when you open the terminal, you may think it looks boring and ugly. Well, you have nothing to worry about 😵 because I will teach you how to solve this problem easily.

If you are new to web development and your PC is Windows, surely you have watched several courses or tutorials in which their instructors had a terminal that looked something like this: 🤩

Ernesto Angulo

Just someone who likes design 🎨 and code 💻. Systems Engineering student.

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